Jared Leto Teases A Return To The Joker Role With These Photos

Jared Leto’s tWi$t3d Joker may not have been lavished with praise in reviews of Suicide Squad, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less an integral part of the DC Extended Universe now. Whether he’s being dubbed a total edgelord, a “manorexic juggalo,” or the living embodiment of the HAM horn, we still just can’t look away. Jared Leto is an ACTOR. He demands our attention and the swankiest of coats.

And now Leto has dropped some hints — via Snapchat photos — about his return to the DCEU. Although we’re skeptical about rumors of Leto having a cameo in Justice League, it would make sense for him to show up in Gotham City Sirens (produced by and starring Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn) or in the Ben Affleck three-hander (co-writing/directing/starring) The Batman.

The first photo Leto dropped on Snapchat Wednesday afternoon was from the cover of The Killing Joke:

Some might speculate this means The Killing Joke‘s plot will figure into The Batman, but the much more likely reason for this photo is that it’s a direct callback to the early glimpse of a Joker in progress that David Ayer tweeted in April of 2015:

The second, much stranger photo Leto shared is a purple and gold Gucci jewel box holding a pendant necklace featuring a human molar in a gold and silver setting:

Our guess would be that this is one of the teeth Batman knocked out of Joker’s head before locking him in Arkham, where Joker got new metal teeth and tattooed “damaged” on his forehead because Batman damaged him. That’s canon. That’s what the director said happened. So Edgy McEdgerton.

(Via CBM and Batman News)