Watch Jason Bourne Get Hit Over The Head With A Dumbbell In This Exclusive Clip

On July 29, Matt Damon (after not appearing in The Bourne Legacy) returns as Jason Bourne in a movie with a title that leaves little doubt that Jason Bourne is back: Jason Bourne.

When the film opens, we learn Bourne has been spending his time in Greece, earning money in bare-fisted brawls that Bourne has little trouble winning. In this exclusive clip, Bourne has just received sensitive information from an old friend about his past and the training program that turned him into a human weapon. Bourne breaks into a man’s apartment (I’ve seen Jason Bourne and I hesitate to get too in-depth on what Bourne’s relationship with this man is, but let’s just say “stuff just went down”) and starts to decrypt the secret information that could lead Bourne to more answers about his past. It’s at this point Bourne is taken by surprise and hit over the head with a dumbbell.

Tommy Lee Jones plays CIA director Dewey, and leads the government to believe Bourne’s motives here are to reveal the names of covert operatives in a mass data dump, but the truth is that Bourne’s motivations in Jason Bourne are much more personal.

Jason Bourne will be in theaters on July 29.