A New ‘Jason Bourne’ Teaser Is Here To Tease You With Eerie Precision

Usually the idea of yet another sequel in a film franchise would turn my stomach sour in a hurry, especially when the last one was just so mediocre. No offense, Jeremy Renner. Really, you are the anchor that holds together the Marvel Cinematic Universe, even if most people won’t give you that credit. But the Bourne films are special in that all of the Matt Damon films were just good. They were good in the same way that the James Bond movies were good; digestible, fun, predictable, but still hit the right notes. So Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass working together again on Jason Bourne is just awesome.

So, of course it’s cool to see a teaser for the upcoming Jason Bourne and for it to look like a ton of fun. The teaser even hints at Julia Stiles’ Nicky Parsons being in some trouble. The film picks up where The Bourne Ultimatum left off and — spoiler alert here — Jason Bourne is alive and resurfaces during a time of turmoil. As this trailer does a great job of showing us, stuff gets real for Bourne in a hurry when the government has a new program in place much like the one that turned him into an efficient, emotionless killer.

Jason Bourne is due out on July 29th, and while it might not be the most-hyped action film of the summer, this definitely seems like one of those movies to keep tabs on in the coming weeks while it is readied for release.

(Via EW)