‘Jaws’ Co-Star Richard Dreyfuss Is All For A Re-Release With A CGI Shark Upgrade

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No one dares dispute that 1975’s Jaws remains the best shark movie of all time. Even if director Steven Spielberg famously lost his marbles during production, he surfaced after helming what could arguably be considered the first major popcorn flick, which is still beloved despite the wonkiness inherent with using a mechanical shark. Of course, the shark was still suitably terrifying, partially because Spielberg executed a master class in suspense, and viewers don’t actually see the creature until about 80 minutes into the film. If co-star Richard Dreyfuss had his preference, however, the film would be re-released in theaters while featuring a CGI shark.

Really? Yes. Dreyfuss told Deadline that he’s convinced that a CGI version of the shark fondly known as “Bruce” would guarantee an even bigger hit than the classic film. He really wants this to happen:

“I think they should do it, it would be huge and it would open up the film to younger people. Is that blasphemy? No, no, I don’t think so. The technology now could make the shark look as good as the rest of the movie.”

Jaws has already inspired multiple generations to fear beaches, not only in deep but shallow water, and even bathtubs. Arguably, it was the ridiculously clunky creation that may have forced audiences to create a realistic looking version in their own minds. Could a CGI version of Bruce possibly live up to what decades of overactive imaginations have produced? It’s hard to imagine there wouldn’t be a massive uproar that resulted in social media mockery and a box-office misfire. Yet Dreyfuss has planted the seed, so it may only be a matter of time before a studio exec decides this is a fantastic idea. In other words, watch out for Jaws: The Backlash to arrive at a theater near you in 2020.

Universal Pictures
Universal Pictures

(Via Deadline)