Are Jay And Silent Bob Preparing To Make A Cameo On Kevin Smith’s Episode Of ‘The Flash?’

Kevin Smith has been hyping his directorial turn on CW’s The Flash quite a bit on social media. There’s apparently going to be heartbreak and emotion, but there also might be a special cameo in the works if the above picture offers any proof. Likely no, obviously. There’s no real place for Jay and Silent Bob to show up in the DC TV universe, unless it’s literally a background moment. Then again, it didn’t stop the duo from showing up in Scream 3.

Smith does seem quite excited for the episode and having him return to comics in some form is cool too. When he did Daredevil and Green Arrow back in the late 90s and early 2000s, he revitalized the characters after being non-existent for much of the decade. His Green Arrow stories might even be a spark that helped get Oliver Queen on television, making DC’s television efforts a possibility. Here’s how Smith teased his episode on Instagram:

The script is an emotional doozy that had me bawling from just reading it, so I’ll be buying up all the Kleenex in town to make it through the episode intact.

No clue what this means, but I would have to assume Zoom will be involved and somebody will be dying. It isn’t as cool as Quentin Tarantino directing CSI, but it’s up there.

(Via International Business Times / Kevin Smith)