Kevin Smith Proves That He Defended Marvel Movies As ‘Cinema’ Well Before Martin Scorsese’s Comments

What if there’s no ending to the “Marvel movies are/aren’t cinema” argument that has taken over social media? Everyone from Martin Scorsese (three times!) to Natalie Portman to Francis Ford Coppola to James Gunn to Ken Loach (“They’re made as commodities like hamburgers”) to Damon Lindelof has weighed in — we’re THIS CLOSE to headlines like, “Zack Snyder Comments on Forky’s Comments on Young Will Smith in Gemini Man‘s Comments on The Old Guy From I Think You Should Leave‘s Comments on Martin Scorsese’s Marvel Comments” and I, for one, can’t wait.

Besides, Kevin Smith thinks he already solved this dilemma, well before Marty piped up.

“Thanks to a few folks in film saying that the @MarvelStudios movies are not ‘cinema,’ this Brodie Bruce moment in #JayAndSilentBobReboot has been playing through the roof – like it did at the Chicago stop on the #RebootRoadshow last night,” Smith tweeted on Tuesday. (The comedy was obviously made months before Scorsese’s comments made the round.) He’s referring to a scene from his new film, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, where Jay (played by Jason Mewes) mockingly asks Brodie (Jason Lee) if he’s “going to make another Marvel movie.” Brodie’s response: “Hey man, those Marvel movies are a triumph in cinema,” leading to a loud ovation from a theater full of Smith’s fans watching Reboot. Brodie then adds, “I watch those Marvel movies more than I watch PornHub and I cum twice as hard doing it,” because, well, it’s a Kevin Smith movie, isn’t it?

Silent Bob recorded the moment and uploaded it for his followers.

Watch Jay and Silent Bob Reboot if you want more prophetic Marvel quotes, and check out The Last Temptation of Christ if you want to see the “biggest superhero movie ever.”