Jeff Bridges Is Still Into The Idea Of A ‘Big Lebowski’ Sequel or Spinoff

A Big Lebowski sequel has been the stuff of movie nerd dreams for years, and over that time we’ve been teased again and again with the possibility that maybe, just maybe, it will come together and happen.

The earliest example of this was way back in 2011 when Tara Reid claimed a Big Lebowski 2 was set to start filming later that year.  Since then, John Turturro (who played Jesus in the original) has voiced slightly more credible hopes that the Coen Brothers might be willing to pass the Lebowski rights onto him for more films.

And while the Coen Brothers have never seemed enthused about the idea, at least Jeff Bridges sounds like he’s on board. Business Insider asked him about Turturro’s Big Lebowski 2 ambitions and here’s what he told them:

“I’ve heard that for years, John saying that. I think it’s a great idea. Yeah, it might be fun playing a little cameo as The Dude. I’m hoping they make a little Lebowski [sequel] because it’s all set up. I impregnated Maude [Julianne Moore]. As The Stranger [Sam Elliott] says, ‘There’s a little Lebowski on the way,’ you know?”

Obviously, this is still just a lot of talk and no solid movement. So for now we’ll just have to keep enjoying the original, and the endless remixes, recaps, mash ups, artwork, cosplays, restaurants, and festivals it has inspired.

(via Business Insider)