Get Two Goldblums For The Price Of One In The Latest ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ Promo

06.09.16 3 years ago

Independence Day: Resurgence is slamming into movie theaters on June 24, taking down the major landmarks as it goes, and they’ve taken an interesting path for their marketing push. Fox has taken the faux propaganda route, treating the “War of 1996” as an actual historical event. It does make these promos a little more creative than only the straightforward “We’re going to keep re-cutting the exact same four minutes of footage in new ways to trick you into thinking you’re seeing something new” approach that usually gets used.

The latest is the best yet, debunking one of the greatest conspiracy theories of our time: actor Jeff Goldblum is not in fact Earth Space Defense director David Levinson. Goldblum has done some zany things before; he’s just that kind of guy. However, this new video may be peak Goldblum, offering two for the price of one. As the twin Goldblums hem and haw over their supposed resemblance all the while touching their faces a lot, Goldblum regards one of his most famous characters with respect, while Levinson is a bit taken aback by Goldblum’s actorly flare. It’s all quite meta and culminates in the two vowing to exchange phone numbers. If Independence Day: Resurgence ends up being a bust, can we have a two hour cut of this instead?

(H/T EW)

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