Life Finds A Way When Jeff Goldblum Performs A Live Musical On Facebook

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A good portion of my life was spent with a printout of the ancient “Jeff Goldblum is watching you poop” poster hung up in my bathroom. That, combined with my non-stop viewing of Jurassic Park and The Fly (a Cronenberg Jurassic Park please), I feel like Jeff Goldblum has been a major part of my life. Most people think he’s just a weird actor who kind of plays himself most of the time, but he’s a multi-talented artist who deserves some major praise for embracing the weird and being himself over his 40-plus year career. I mean, cmon — he’s one of the last survivors in Independence Day. The man is a legend. I want to add a bunch of “uhs” and “errs” to this article just out of respect for him, but I will refrain.

So ahead of the Independence Day 2 release, Jeff Goldblum hopped on Facebook live to host a night of improv skits, jazz with his band The Mildred Snitzer Orchestra (featuring The Voice season seven contestant, Maiya Sykes on vocals) to support a campaign for Conservation International.

It was quite entertaining, especially if you’re a fan of Jeff Goldblum. In fact, it might be one of the most Jeff Goldblum things Jeff Goldblum has ever done.

In addition to music and laughs, Goldblum played games with the audience, including “who would you rather?” between Dennis Quaid and the troubled Randy Quaid. If you remember, the latter famously gave his life to take down an alien craft in the original Independence Day. Goldblum full well knew this fact and still chose his brother Dennis.

All in all, it’s worth the watch. Everyone needs more Goldblum in their life, especially if it’s for a good cause.

Now I’m leaving this here for posterity.