The New Trailer For ‘Jem And The Holograms’ Reveals The Starlet’s ‘Synergy’

The newest trailer for Scooter Braun’s live action Jem and the Hologram adaptation has arrived, and it has everything that you’d ever expect from a film made by the guy who helped make Justin Bieber an international pop icon. Directed by Jon Chu, Jem and the Holograms re-imagines the popular 1980s animated series as the story of a girl who becomes “Internet famous” and is pushed to the top by people who want to use her and throw her away as soon as the Next Big Thing comes along. Juliette Lewis stars as the token show business A-hole, while Aubrey Peeples (real person) is playing Jane Q. Everygirl Jerrica Benton by day, and pop superstar Jem by night.

We finally get a look at Synergy, which was the eyeless computer lady that brought Jerrica’s alter ego to life through holograms in the cartoon, but this time, it’s a robot that shows her old home movies along with narrated life lessons from her father. The movie isn’t necessarily true to the original story, but it’s close enough and certainly tailor-made for today’s fame-hungry Vine and YouTube stars.

More important than anything, though, the new trailer reveals my new favorite person in the world…

Yes, that guy has been to real music shows. I can totally tell from the way he waves his arms as if he is careless.