Jennifer Lawrence And ‘The Male Jennifer Lawrence’ Make For An Adorable Couple On ‘Ellen’

Senior Pop Culture Editor
11.10.16 2 Comments

How has it taken this long for Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence to appear in a movie together? The charismatic internet darlings — who I sometimes forget aren’t a couple; he’s married to Anna Faris, she’s reportedly dating… wait, the guy who directed Requiem For a Dream? Really? — could provide the narration for a documentary about gas station bathrooms, and it would make $100 million at the box office. Instead, Pratt and Lawrence will prematurely wake up from a 120-year journey through space in Passengers. But first, they dropped by Ellen to play games, flatter each other, and discuss Cher.

Lawrence apparently had a habit of breaking into Cher’s “Believe” on the Hunger Games set. That idiosyncrasy carried over to Passengers, which she didn’t realize until Pratt pointed it out. “What an annoying tic!” Lawrence said. “Oh my God, I got a wake-up call on Ellen. I can’t imagine how annoying that must be.” Pratt might not sing as much as Lawrence — unless it’s Dave Matthews Band — but he still thinks it’s “awesome” to be known as the “male Jennifer Lawrence.” His co-star, meanwhile, believes Pratt deserves better. “He’s much, much nicer than me,” Lawrence told Ellen. “He’s a hard worker, he has a good attitude; he’s very positive.” He also suffers from “moob sweat.”

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