‘Passengers’ Could Potentially Star Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt, Causing The Internet To Explode

After picking up The Imitation Game‘s Morten Tyldum as its new director last month, the long-developing science fiction romance film Passengers may have found its two leads. And there lies the rub, for despite the film seeming like a somewhat morally dubious tale of loneliness and unrequited love, the actor and actress reportedly circling the lead roles just might change the minds of everyone.

That’s because Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are in the mix. According to The Wrap, the two are in the early stages of possibly joining Tyldum’s new gig:

Chris Pratt is in early talks to star opposite Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence in Morten Tyldum’s space-set love story “Passengers,” though the actress’ busy schedule may prevent her from closing a deal, an individual familiar with the project has told The Wrap.

I stress the words “early” and “schedule” equally, for while this already sounds like the best d*mn movie ever, it’s not a done deal.

Set in the future aboard a spacecraft, “Passengers” follows a man who awakens early from a cryogenic slumber and to spare himself from being lonely, decides to wake up a female passenger, which is the role Lawrence is circling.

Even if this ends up being the worst film ever made — I’m talking Gigli levels of badness, here — I’d still pay to see it in the theater. And you know you would too, internet, so don’t even try to deny it. Then again, this all depends on whether or not this film is even made.

(Via The Wrap)