Jennifer Lawrence Thinks Donald Trump Becoming President Would Be The ‘End Of The World’

Jennifer Lawrence knows a thing or two about the end of the world and bad presidents. Her Hunger Games character, Katniss, lives in District 12 in Panem, which looks like an apocalypse-themed abandoned strip mall, and Panem is ruled by President Snow, who might as well be a mustache-twirling villain. Still, while I don’t agree with Snow’s pro-children killing policy, I’d still vote for him over Donald Trump. Kids aren’t so great, anyway. J-Law agrees.

Not about the murdering kids thing. Although…

“If Donald Trump becomes president, that will be the end of the world.” (Via)

Her co-star Liam Hemsworth agrees. “I’ll back you up on that,” he said, while Josh Hutcherson has a theory: “It’s a publicity stunt. It can’t be real.”

“I genuinely believe that reality television has reached the ultimate place where now even things like this might just be for entertainment,” Lawrence says. “It’s either that or it’s Hillary’s brilliant idea.”

She adds, “I was watching him on the campaign trail and one guy said, ‘I love Donald Trump because he’s saying everything I’m thinking and I just can’t say it because of the PC factor.’ And I’m thinking, ‘You are absolutely right. That’s who I want representing my country, somebody politically incorrect. That will just be perfect.’” (Via Entertainment Weekly)

Speaking of brilliant ideas, here’s J-Law putting marshmallows in her mouth.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)