Jennifer Lawrence’s Fake ‘Old Lady Who Looks Really Young & Hot’ Trailer Is All Too Real

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01.08.16 2 Comments

In Silver Linings Playbook, a 21-year-old Jennifer Lawrence falls in love with 37-year-old Bradley Cooper. In American Hustle, Lawrence is two years older, and her husband, played by Christian Bale, is 16 years older than her. Finally, in Joy, she portrays Joy Mangano, who’s currently 59 years old. What do all these movies have in common? Well, they’re all directed by David O. Russell for one thing. Also, Lawrence is playing characters well beyond her years.

Funny or Die spoofed the Oscar-winning actress’ age-defying history in the fake trailer for Old Lady Who Looks Really Young & Hot, which is all too real. Lawrence portrays “an 89-year-old woman who looks like she’s 16,” with Winter’s Bone‘s Dale Dickey as her granddaughter, Robert De Niro as her great-grandson, and Donald Sutherland as her boyfriend.

I wonder how drunk she had to get to make out with him?

The video claims Old Lady is coming out in Spring 2016, at which point Lawrence’s secret will be revealed: She’s actually an ageless crab person. No human could possibly be that talented, and a pleasure to be around, and attractive. Makes the rest of us, from ages 15 to Larry David to 95, look bad.

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