Watch Jennifer Lawrence Accidentally Kiss Natalie Dormer On The Lips

This is why I fear the “cheek kiss as greeting” thing that people do. At the Hunger Games premiere in London, Jennifer Lawrence greeted her costar Natalie Dormer on the red carpet and tried to kiss her on the cheek. Dormer, however, turned as Lawrence went in and accidentally got her on the lips for a split second. This prompted Lawrence to exclaim “Oh my God” and then apologize. You can see the accidental kiss in the video above.

Apparently, according to MTV, JLaw was trying to prank Dormer by kissing Dormer on the cheek in the middle of the latter’s red carpet interview. Obviously, this “interview bomb” backfired, “since everything Lawrence touches turns to viral gold.”

Ever ready with a healthy sense of humor, though, Lawrence quipped, “We just kissed on camera. And I liked it.” Dormer then turned back to the red carpet interview that she was giving, during which the reporter told her she had some of Lawrence’s lipstick on her face. Dormer joked, “I’ll get Jennifer Lawrence off my face,” before slinking off camera.

Of course, the internet has some very mature reactions, courtesy of People Magazine.

(h/t Entertainment Weekly)