Jennifer Lawrence Thought VOD Was A Disease Or Something

Magnolia Pictures And The Cinema Society With Dior Beauty Host A Screening Of "Serena" - Arrivals
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Ever heard of the new film Serena? You know, the one with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper? No? Don’t worry — not too many people have. Despite a trailer back in October, very little has been done to promote the film, which went straight to video on demand (VOD) in February.

Now that the awards show bait train is full steam ahead, Serena will get a limited theatrical run later this week. Lawrence and Cooper attended the official premiere on Saturday night, and when Variety asked the pair about the film’s VOD release, Lawrence didn’t disappoint:

Cooper: “I think it’s great.”

Lawrence: “I don’t know what VOD is. I thought it was some sort of disease.”

Cooper: “It could be.”

Lawrence: “I think it’s a huge crisis. Let’s talk about it, build awareness about it.”

It’s probably just the usual kind of banter these two engage in at red carpets. Then again, VOD does sound suspiciously like a medical euphemism of some kind. In fact, if “V” stood for “venereal” and “D” meant “disease,” Lawrence could really be on to something.

If VOD were actually a disease, what would the “O” stand for?

(Via Variety)