Jennifer Lawrence Nearly Takes Another Red Carpet Tumble

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Besides the A-list status and being one of the most in-demand leading actresses in Hollywood, Jennifer Lawrence is just like you! That is, if you constantly trip over your own feet. J-Law can now add another red-carpet blunder to her long list of adorable Steve Urkel-style moments.

It all started at the Oscars in 2013, when she tripped while running up on stage to accept her award for best actress. Not wanting to outdo herself, she did it again the following year at the Oscars. Back in November, she took a tumble on the red carpet at the Mockingjay 2 premiere in Madrid. Now, she can add another premier red-carpet slip to her list.

While at the premiere for X-Men: Apocalypse, the folks over at the Daily Mail and countless others caught J-Law tripping over her extremely long custom Dior dress and her higher-than-a-Colorado-college-student heels. She made a quick recovery and looked absolutely stunning, but maybe she should try to wear a pair of Converse on the red carpet next time. They have fancy glittery ones now, nobody will notice.

Lawrence is well aware of her klutzy nature. Last year, she went on Conan and talked about how she dislocated her toe by hitting her own foot. We’re waiting for the Youtube compilation video of all of J-Law’s topples set to Alicia Keys’ “Fallin’ “.

(Via Daily Mail)