Will Jeremy Irons Return To The Batcave As Alfred In ‘Justice League’?

Forget the bad buzz, the brutal reviews and Ben Affleck’s resting sad face going to viral-world. Batman v Superman has made a decent amount of money, which means if you were a part of it, chances are you’ll be coming back for the next installment of the Warner Bros./DC Comics franchise.

Or at least that’s the thought process of Jeremy Irons, who stepped in for Michael Caine as Bruce Wayne’s stalwart butler, confidante and body man Alfred Pennyworth in Batman v Superman. Now he’s confirmed, per Showbiz 411, to indeed reprise the role not only for Justice League, but for the solo-Batman project that Affleck will himself helm.

How much screen time Irons will get on Justice League is anyone’s guess, but he managed to stand out from the pack a bit in the overcrowded Batman v Superman. And given the breadth of Alfred’s role — not just as Wayne’s butler, but as Batman’s adviser — viewers can expect to see plenty of him in the standalone movie, slated to happen sometime after Justice League wraps.

Irons is the latest Oscar-winner who will bring a little gravity to the proceedings in Justice League. Previously, it was announced that J.K. Simmons would take over for Gary Oldman as James Gordon. Of course, there were plenty of Oscars on the roster in Batman v Superman — Irons, Affleck, Holly Hunter — along with a slew of nominees. Still, whatever his or the filmmakers’ rationale may be, Irons deciding to come back ranks as a definite net positive.

(Via ScreenRant)