Green Screen Footage Of Jessica Alba’s ‘Sin City 2’ Stripper Scene Is Still Marvelous

The original Sin City made over $150 million at the box office. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, released nine years later? Under $40 million. Now, I’m no fancy, big city mathemagician, but I’ve spent enough time robbing accountants to know that’s not good.

If Dimension Films wants to make back some of the money they lost (Dame‘s budget was $65 million, half of which was spent on Mickey Rourke’s face makeup), they should release a green screen cut of the film. Enchanted by the magic of Hollywood? You won’t be anymore when you see Jessica Alba withering around in front of a bunch of ugly walls and wires.

Either that, or Sin City: Eva Green’s Awesome Boobs Edition. Whichever.