Jessica Chastain Thinks Russell Crowe Has His ‘Foot Stuck In His Mouth’

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Russell Crowe, who the world stopped taking seriously after he played Captain Crunch in Les Jizzérables (if not long before), has some thoughts on “the industry” he’s in, specifically how “there are roles for people in all different stages of life.” You can find the rest of what he had to grunt here, or skip all that and read what Jessica Chastain has to say instead.

(That’s a good motto to get through life, actually: WWJCD?)

“I think Russell keeps getting his foot stuck in his mouth. There are some incredible actresses in their 50s and 60s that are not getting opportunities in films, and for someone to say there are plenty of roles for women that age…[that] is not someone who’s going to the movie theater.” (Via)

Of 2014’s 10 highest grossing movies, only one starred in a woman in her 50s: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1‘s Julianne Moore (two if you count Sally Field’s minor role in The Amazing Spider-Man 2). Then again, Crowe’s Noah didn’t crack the top-25, so it’s not all bad.

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