Jim Carrey Apologizes For Using A Young Boy’s Photograph During His Vaccination Twitter Rant

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Getty Image / Mario Tama

Jim Carrey caused quite a stir when he unleashed a string of Tweets criticizing California’s ban on personal exemptions for vaccinations, but none was greater than the stress he caused the family of Alex Echols. Carrey used Echols photo in one of the Tweets (seen above) and it outraged the family who felt that the Dumb And Dumber star was “misrepresenting” Alex’s condition and opened the door for mockery.

In light of this, Carrey has apologized for using the photo, noting that he didn’t mean to cause distress with the image:


The message was received by the family and Karen Echols replied via Twitter and hoped for a little shout out for tuberous sclerosis awareness.

I don’t think this excuses Carrey for his questionable stance on vaccinations, but it at least puts a little comfort to a family that seems to have already endured a lot. Carrey hasn’t responded about awareness as of this point, but I think it is safe to say that he could use a break from Twitter. He’s had quite a few days.

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