J.K. Rowling Reminded Potterheads That James Potter Heads To Hogwarts Today


Get ready to reignite all of your Harry Potter feelings because J.K. Rowling got on Twitter and stirred the emotional pot, big time. If you’ll recall, when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was published in 2007, there was an epilogue that described what happened to everyone a few years after Harry, Ron, and Hermione (with some help from their friends) defeated Voldemort and brought peace to the wizarding world. Part of that story involved Harry’s son James Potter, who was seen heading off to Hogwarts, a scene that was also depicted in the movie a few years later.

Well, that very famous and touching scene would be taking place today, if the Potterverse was a real thing and not a work of fiction. Yup — James S. Potter would be the age at which he would catch a train on Platform 9 3/4:

And Twitter is… Twitter is taking this as well as Twitter can.

Some fans are simply reminiscent:

Some are encouraging:

Some are curious:

But, mostly, everyone is a raw, viscous nerve ending:

It’s kind of nice to know that Rowling has created something so enduring, and I really hope she brought enough Effexor for the whole group.

(Via Mic)