J.K. Rowling Loves That ‘Three Brothers’ Fan Theory As Much As You Do

Even though the last book and film have both come and gone, the Harry Potter fandom remains as active and obsessive as ever — I blame nargles. Definitely one of the largest and most vocal fandoms on Tumblr, there is no theory the fans cannot dissect down to the minutiae. Earlier this month, minds were blown everywhere when Tumblr user harryjxmespotter came up with one of the best fan theories yet:


Author J.K. Rowling is a charming and active presence on Twitter, often taking the time out of her busy life to respond to fan questions. Today, she expressed that this particular theory was her favorite.

This means it’s basically canon, right? Many fan theories are absurd (Ron is a Time Traveling Dumbledore comes to mind); this one has an elegance that appeals to the inner literary theorist.  It’s a testament to the richness of Rowling’s work that it is still such a part of cultural discussion long after it’s over. Hogwarts will always be home to many, and we’ll keep coming back as long as it will take us.

(Via Twitter and The Toast)