Jodie Foster Has Explained Her Seemingly Random Shout Out To Aaron Rodgers At The Golden Globes

During her Golden Globes acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress on Sunday night, Jodie Foster gave a seemingly random shout out to Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, which left people wondering what the heck that was all about. Turns out, the two have been having a little bit of a cheeky back and forth. In early February, Rodgers was the first to shout out Foster during his MVP acceptance speech and called the actress part of his “team off the field.” In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel, Foster revealed that Rodgers know she’s his “biggest fan” and vowed to pay him back if she won at the Golden Globes later this month. Well, she did, and true to her word, Foster included Rodgers in her acceptance speech.

The dueling shout outs almost immediately kicked kicked up rumors that Foster set up Rodgers with her The Mauritanian co-star Shailene Woodley (the two are already engaged), but Foster quickly put that theory to bed following the Golden Globes. However, it sure seems like Woodley might be the reason for Rodgers randomly thanking Foster during his MVP acceptance speech, which got this whole thing started.

“I did not set up Shailene and Aaron, I have never met Aaron Rodgers” Foster told Yahoo. “But it is possible that I do like to talk about how much I love the Green Bay Packers. And sometimes I can talk a little too much about that. So of course Shailene was very aware of my enthusiasm for the team.”

(Via Yahoo)