Time-Traveling Joe Dirt Meets Christopher Walken All Over Again In This New Clip From Joe Dirt 2

A plot point that people may have missed in all the strange excitement for Joe Dirt 2: Beautiful Loser is that the titular redneck doofus is a time traveler now. How does the main character in this exclusive Crackle sequel end up traveling back to 1977 to watch the Daytona 500 with his mob buddy Clem, who of course doesn’t know who Joe Dirt is all those years ago? Who cares! It might involve a lightning strike on an El Camino or maybe he drinks too many Natty Ice tall boys and falls asleep under a cow that drops a 30-pound pie on his head, transporting Joe Dirt across time and space. However it happens, it’s sure to deliver the cheap laughs.

As evidenced by this clip from Comedy Central, the bonus for all of us is that we get to see Christopher Walken being a goofball. Sure, Clem somehow looks 30 years older in 1977 than he did in 2001, but nothing ever needs to make sense in a movie about a guy with a mullet fused to his head.

(Via Comedy Central)