An Excited And Nostalgic Joe Pesci Revisits ‘Home Alone’ In A New Google Ad Spot

Following Macaulay Culkin’s recent Home Alone-themed Google Assistant ad, Joe Pesci’s taking the same voyage. This isn’t technically an ad that will air during the Super Bowl, but Google released it amid of the other game-time ads that are dropping this week, which feels strategic. That is to say, folks are in the mood to watch inventive commercials, and this one fits the description.

Another winning point here? Given that the Goodfellas star has been relatively unseen lately in Hollywood (he’s essentially been retired since 2010 other than a voice role, although he’ll appear later this year in Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman), folks have had a chance to miss the veteran actor. And of course, it’s always lovely to have a chance to revisit his thieving turn as Harry, the criminal who is no match for Kevin McCallister’s genius maneuverings. The framing of Pesci’s presence arrives somewhat oddly, for he appears as himself while surrounded by friends as they watch Culkin’s recent Google ad. Pesci then grows excited and proud about the “big part” he plays in a one-liner from the film. That line? “Better get out of here before somebody sees us.” Everyone laughs, and Pesci beams, “I nailed it. I did.”

Now for the lingering question that will strike at least some folk’s minds: Will we soon see Daniel Stern come back as Marv? Better ask Google.