John Boyega Was Force-Choked By A Little Darth Vader At D23 (And Other Cute Photos)

Plenty of news for Star Wars fans came out of Disney’s D23 Expo last weekend, like the first picture of the Rogue One cast, the new Drew Struzan poster, the Episode IX director announcement, and lots of pictures of Daisy Ridley (Rey in Star Wars: The Force Awakens) geeking out over all of the sights.

But Ridley wasn’t the only one finding great photo ops at the event. Her co-star John Boyega, who plays runaway stormtrooper Finn, ran afoul of a little Darth Vader who doesn’t tolerate deserters. The picture above of Boyega being force choked by kid Vader may be our favorite shot from the whole event. Boyega even gave the kid a souvenir afterward:

If you’re wondering what he’s signing, that’s an action figure of his character in Force Awakens. Here’s him and Ridley posing with the miniature versions of themselves earlier that day.

Ridley didn’t waste time in finding a good home for her action figure, either. So, which adorable kid cosplayer took home Rey? Here she is:

BRB, creating a file folder titled “Daisy Ridley pointing at things.”

(Via Disney and io9)