John Boyega Spent His ‘Star Wars’ Money On Some Seriously Weird Stuff

If you have a pulse, you’ve probably spent a few errant moments on a Friday afternoon wondering what stuff you would buy if you came into some money. You’d buy that car, pay off your student loans, and take that dream vacation. However, there are also those strange, “treat yo self” items that creep into the corners of your brain as well. That movie quality replica of the Captain America shield. A butler who makes you grilled cheese whenever you want. Whatever grotesque cosmetics Gwyneth Paltrow is currently shilling on GOOP. The impractical things that you just want.

When an actor hits the big time, sometimes they also indulge that urge and buy some out-there stuff (my personal favorite is Rupert Grint’s ice cream truck) just because they can. From the looks of things, Star Wars breakout John Boyega is no different. While on The Graham Norton Show, Boyega revealed some of his recently purchased housewares, and it’s definitely a look. If you’ve ever wanted a Spartan helmet replica or a knight shaped toilet paper holder, then you may want to ask Boyega where he shops.

While fellow guest Amy Schumer said that the medieval toilet paper holder might be a red flag for any ladies staying over, they’re probably ok with it if they made it passed the stone lions flanking his bed.