John Boyega Puts A Kibosh On A Possible Romance For Finn In ‘Star Wars’

It would seem that the somewhat crazy rumor surrounding the sexuality of Poe Dameron in <Star Wars: The Force Awakens has surfaced yet again, this time in an upcoming interview with John Boyega for Shortlist. Features Editor Chris Mandle posted an interesting snippet from his interview on Twitter, allowing Boyega a moment to address the rumors and put any possible relationship to rest…in a galaxy far, far away:

Now if you forget what Boyega means, it might be in reference to this quote that Oscar Isaac let loose on Ellen:

“I think it’s very subtle romance that’s happening. You know, you have to just look very close — you have to watch it a few times to see the little hints. But there was.”

So there’s no romance. No possible romantic surprise down the road, unless of course it’s the one hinted at between Finn and Rey. But does this mean Poe Dameron isn’t gay? Of course not. There’s still hope that fans of the series can feel uneasy about their enjoyment of this bad ass fighter pilot. It also means there might a hidden smooch at some point, for some comedic effect.

I’m more upset that Finn is NOT the free swinging bachelor I thought he’d be. Very disappointing. The full interview with Boyego will appear on Shortlist on January 21st and he might even drop a spoiler or two for the next movie (might being very strong, but also very loose).

(Via Chris Mandle)

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