John Boyega Returns To His Old School To Speak After Wrapping Up His Time On ‘Star Wars: Episode 8’

The casting decisions for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens were perhaps some of the biggest highlights of the film, introducing moviegoers to young talents like Daisy Ridley and John Boyega. Not only were their performances memorable, but they just seem like absolute marvels of the human race, with their respective reactions to the first trailer for The Force Awakens being enough to sell anyone on them being valuable additions to the Star Wars universe. The thing is, John Boyega continues to do really cool things and it looks like he’s not about to stop any time soon.

The latest comes from Oh No They Didn’t and, as per usual, it’s John Boyega and it’s heartwarming. Boyega returned to his old secondary school to speak to the students, showing them that someone from their school could go on to have great success while preaching a great message to the 7th, 8th, and 9th graders.

“You guys, please, stay consistent in your work that you do in school because it reflects what happens in the outside world. A lot of friends that I had with me in your 7, your 8 and your 9, some have gone to greater heights while some have passed away from their decisions and that’s something that you have in your hands. Don’t let the curriculum or the school or these people fool you, the choice of what you make of your life is yours and yours alone.”

That talk came just one day after Boyega seemingly wrapped up his time on set for Star Wars Episode VIII. How do we know that? Well, he posted a message on his Instagram that he was “done.”

All of this is capped off by Carrie Fisher bringing her dog, Gary, to the set, where both Ridley and Boyega posed with it for good measure. Because why not?

If anything, this is all just further proof that this new generation of Star Wars is leaving the franchise in very, very good hands. Also, Carrie Fisher uses a ton of emojis, which is perhaps the most Star Wars mom thing that she could do.

(Via ONTD)