John Francis Daley Says There’s Going To Be A Mini ‘Freaks and Geeks’ Reunion In The ‘Vacation’ Reboot

John Francis Daley has been busy since his Freaks and Geeks days. He’s had a successful career as a writer and director, as well as appearing as a series regular on Bones for years until his character was recently killed off. (Sorry, belated SPOILER.) Daley spoke with Vulture recently about the reason behind his departure from Bones, which coincided with the upcoming Vacation reboot he’s writing with his partner Jonathan Goldstein.

When asked if the pair would be making a cameo together as they did in Incredible Burt Wonderstone (which they also co-wrote) Daley revealed that there was something even better planned: A Freaks and Geeks mini reunion!

I don’t think I can even give away what my role is. I don’t know if anyone even knows this yet, but Samm Levine, and it’s looking like Martin Starr, will also be in the film.

I don’t know if they’ve been confirmed yet in the cast, but it’s looking really good. I just wanted a chance to get the three geeks [from Freaks and Geeks] back together, in the same project.

I’ve got to admit, I wasn’t all that excited about the Vacation reboot, but this news takes definitely takes my interest level from an “ehh” to a solid “huh!” I might just have to catch this movie on a plane sometime.