John Oliver Presents An Option For Those Fatigued By Marvel And DC Superhero Movies

08.29.16 3 years ago 2 Comments

John Oliver is off this week, presumably because of the all-encompassing behemoth that was Sunday night’s MTV VMAs. But in the meantime, he’s released this web exclusive to do the “most internet thing imaginable,” which is to complain about superhero movies. Superhero movies are obviously in very high demand right now, as Oliver explains that just this year, the market has been flooded with films such as “mean Spider-Man,” “sad man verses super sad man,” and “the Insane Clown Posse takes Manhattan.”

He goes on to say, however, that some film goers might be experiencing fatigue at seeing the same characters over and over again from the incestuous Marvel and DC universes. But fear not, because the Last Week Tonight host has got a solution! Allow John Oliver to present “Johnny Strong,” a brand new superhero possibly coming to multiplexes next summer. Johnny Strong is by day a mild-mannered fifth grader named John Oliver (pronounced “Olivier,” no relation), but “by the time school lets out until dinner, he becomes the — let’s say — unconventionally handsome hero.”

If that’s not enough to sell it, Oliver elaborates: “Johnny Strong is a kickass hero with a bad attitude. He’s seen a boob, and he knows what the F-word is.” Right there it sounds like he’s already got a leg up on Batman’s faithful sidekick Robin, I say give him a movie already.

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