Wait, Is The ‘John Wick’ Sequel Planning A Secret ‘Matrix’ Reunion?

Big news from the set of the only movie in the world that currently matters, John Wick 2, the sequel to the previous holder of the Only Movie in the World That Matters title, John Wick. Potential spoilers a-comin’.

Gothamist has photos of a Brooklyn rooftop on the set of John Wick 2, and if you look closely, they appear to show Keanu Reeves filming a scene with some sort of pigeon aficionado played by his former Matrix co-star, Laurence Fishburne. Neo and Morpheus. Morpheus and Neo. Together again. Like friends! Or, uh, maybe not like friends, given what we know about John Wick and his tendency to kill everyone he comes across. But together! For now! Apparently. Who knows, maybe Fishburne plays his mentor and this movie is about John Wick avenging the death of one of those pigeons? I mean, “mentor’s pigeon” is quite a step down from “beloved dead wife’s adorable puppy,” but I’m prepared to give them some room here. I think they’ve earned it.

Anyway, Gothamist also points out that Fishburne isn’t on the IMDb page for the film, which raises the possibility that… is this some sort of secret Matrix reunion? Is Carrie-Anne Moss gonna pop up at some point, too? Get the whole band back together, I say. End the movie with John Wick saying, “Try to realize the truth… there is no spoon” and then disappearing a grapefruit spoon into the bad guy’s brain. If we’re gonna do this, let’s really do it.

(Via Gothamist)