‘John Wick: Chapter 2’ Rolls Out A New, Explosive Trailer

John Wick was unexpectedly one of the best action movies in recent memory. A simple idea, namely a retired hitman goaded out of his mourning by some idiot Russian gangsters who steal his car and murder his dog, was paid off brilliantly with stylish action scenes and some unexpectedly good acting. And it looks like it’s all back for a second round in this trailer.

Everybody John Wick didn’t shoot in the face is back this go-round, so Ian McShane, John Leguizamo, and Lance Reddick as the concierge at that sorta-awesome/sorta-creepy hotel. This time around, John Wick refuses a contract, and by the rules of the assassin samurai subculture the first movie hinted at, that means every other hitman in the world, including Common, Ruby Rose, and the OG Django Franco Nero is after him. At least this time they don’t kill his dog. No, seriously, there’s a shot in the trailer confirming the dog he rescues at the end of the movie survives his house getting blown up. So, John Wick has to go around the world, proving he is the best at shooting dudes in the face before they can react and elegantly falling on people to stab them with their own knife.

The creative team of Chad Stahelski, David Leitch, and screenwriter Derek Kolstad are also back. Stahelski and Leitch, even if you don’t know the names, you know their style: Both highly experienced stuntmen, they directed the second unit bits (i.e. the action scenes) of Captain America: Civil War. So we’re in good hands. Really, if it’s anything like the original, it’ll be the most fun you’ll have in a theater in 2017. We’ll find out February 10th.

(via YouTube)

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