‘John Wick 3’ Gets A Pumped-Up Teaser For Its Upcoming Trailer

How excited are we for John Wick: Chapter 3 — Parabellum? Excited enough to get excited over a “trailer teaser.” The first full-blown trailer for the third in Keanu Reeves’ shoot-’em-up franchise — which will likely expand even further — isn’t due till Thursday, and if you can somehow not occupy your brain till then, here’s 10 seconds of random shots of Keanu running through rain and stuff to tide you over.

When last we saw him, Reeves’ un-retired super-assassin was on the run, a $14 million contract on his head, presumably pursued by every hired killer on the planet. That’s a lot, since the Wick-world evolved in ridiculous ways. It began modestly, with Wick simply wanting to kill everyone even remotely involved with the murder of his cute dog. By Chapter 2, he was fighting seemingly every third person in New York City, and being aided by a legion of heroic homeless people.

The awesomely titled Parabellum will introduce to the series Oscar-winners Halle Berry and Anjelica Huston, plus the action debut of reliable funny man Jason Mantzoukas, who should probably win an Oscar one day, too. It’s also apparently 143 minutes long.

However brief, this teaser offers the first look at Chapter 3, and what do you get? Some spectacular cityscape shots, a few assassins, the return of head underground killer Laurence Fishburne, a motorcycle gang with scary blades, and finally Reeves wielding a gigantic gun — all that in less than 10 seconds. We’ll see what a more expanded version of a John Wick trailer looks like in a few days.