‘John Wick Chapter 2’ Drags ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ In Its Super Bowl Trailer

Next weekend will be one full of sequels: There’s The Lego Batman Movie, Fifty Shades Darker with its elevator hanky-panky, and of course, John Wick Chapter 2, the sequel to a movie that proved one dead dog is worth roughly 3000 dead gangsters. So, in the spirit of box office competition, John goes after its foe by noting it’s going a few shades darker too.

Beyond the lighthearted mockery of the overly serious competitor, we also get to see a few new bits, including a sequence of car wrecks, John going up against Common, and of course, stylishly lit fights, because what would this series be without stylishly lit fights? There’s also a notable lack of creepy elevator moments, which, you know, bonus.

Of course, this isn’t the first movie to position itself as an alternative to romance. Deadpool, last year, hyped up its romantic angle since it arrived on Valentine’s Day. And, hey, that wasn’t poor marketing! It really was a drama about a terminally ill man struggling with his romantic relationships! He just did it with stabbing! There’s no word on whether John Wick will go after Fifty Shades in the sex scene department, but we can only hope. We’ll find out next Friday.