Chad Stahelski Shares The Direction He Plans On Taking The ‘John Wick’ Franchise Next

It’s only been a few months since the last John Wick masterpiece, so it’d be rude to start begging for more already. That said, GIMME GIMME GIMME I WANT JOHN WICK 3 NOW! *throws the good china into the fireplace* We’ve got a bit of a wait for the next installment in the stellar action franchise, but from the sounds of things it’ll certainly be worth the wait. And possibly one of them fancy John Wick supercoins too.

Director Chad Stahelski, who also has his Highlander reboot to work on, chatted a bit about John Wick III: The Final Dimension (or whatever it’ll be called) with Collider. Even with the, um, unique predicament Keanu Reeves’ dog loving badass found himself in at the end of the last motion picture, Stahelski assures us that the series isn’t going to bloat up now that it’s in the third stage.

“We want, not so much to go bigger on the third one, but to show you more of the intricacies of the world… I feel like there are all these different subtleties that I skipped over in Number Two, that I’d like to go back to on [chapter three] and show you the inner workings of different parts of New York. So rather than massive set pieces, I’d like to show you cooler and more intricate ones… I think it would be a mistake budget wise and creatively to just go big and blow up a freeway. That’s not our gig. That’s a comic book or a Bond gig. We want to show you cool and intricate details. What are those little details in everyday life? Hopefully – we make people look at garbage collectors and cleaner vans and homeless people a little differently now.”

Chapter three’s focus on the intricacies of the John Wick universe won’t come with any massive oversharing of what the titular character’s entire life story is. We’ll be getting more clues on the hitman extraordinaire’s world on his own terms.

“Yeah, definitely — but it’s about John revealing it. It’s not about you finding a hidden book or a secret map about who John Wick is. Anyone watching can start piecing it together. You know he’s had some serious training. Was it military? Ehh — he kind of looks military. Where’s he from? Well — he speaks all these languages. We’re giving you the pieces and I think it’s always good… Hopefully in five years, you and your buddies will talk about how ‘he’s this or he’s that.’ We’ll give you a couple more pieces and let you stitch it together.”

So no pamphlet when we walk in the theater, then? That’s a-okay. Full points to Chad Stahelski and the John Wick team for letting the franchise be exactly what it is. Of course, we’re flexible if they want to go with our John Wick + Fast and the Furious crossover pitch.

(Via Collider & BroBible)