Johnny Depp Will Abandon The Makeup For His Next Role As ‘The Invisible Man’

Johnny Depp
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Noted Leonardo DiCaprio torturer Johnny Depp has signed on to take the lead in the upcoming remake of The Invisible Man. While we feel for whoever had to break the news to his makeup artist and scarf supplier, this could actually be an interesting role for the former Pirate of the Caribbean. After years of coming whenever Tim Burton called him and splashing on the eyeliner to go for a jaunt to the grocery, it may be that a more low key role is exactly what he needs.

Not that a part as a scientist who goes crazy after turning invisible is “low key” in the most traditional sense. Yet on the sliding scale of Depp craziness, something that doesn’t require every facial muscle he has to work overtime for two hours straight is probably as calm as we’re going to get at this point. Not to mention the fact that in H.G. Wells’ original tale, the Invisible Man is not a singer. So at least everyone will dodge that bullet for the time being. One thing that we will be able to count on is his eventual Oscar campaign that argues he should be nominated because even though you can’t see the proof, his invisible acting definitely deserves a trophy.

(via Deadline)