Johnny Depp Repeats As 2016’s Most Overpaid Actor

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Even before he was revealed as a domestic abuser, Johnny Depp’s career was on the downslide, with Alice Through The Looking Glass bombing, the unsurprising lack of interest in Yoga Hosers, and Black Mass failing to get him an Oscar nod. But just how much of a downslide is clear when you look at how his movies performed versus what he got paid.

Depp won the boobie prize of most overpaid actor from Forbes last year, but at least this year, despite taking the top slot again, he’s slightly improved. Instead of a movie making $1.20 for every dollar a movie pays him, he’s gotten it up to $2.80.

Still, the next actor on the list, Will Smith, returns $5 for every buck he’s paid, and the last two-timer, Adam Sandler, is sixth on the list and returns $7.60. Generally, what puts an actor on the list seems to be bad decisions: Keep in mind that Will Smith’s next movie is called Collateral Beauty, where he writes Death some hate mail and the personification of Death (Helen Mirren) shows up to make him feel better. So, yeah, there’s a reason Will is Deadshot and is signed on to make two Bad Boys sequels. Similarly, Depp is returning to the well with a new Pirates of the Caribbean movie and will likely have his numbers improved by being involved in the Fantastic Beasts movies. So he may not top the list for very long.

(via Forbes)