Experience The Tale Of Jon Snow As Filtered Through Third Eye Blind

Excuse me, would you like to hear the saga of Jon Snow as sung through the perspective of ’90s rock goobers Third Eye Blind? That’s a thing you can do in 2016 and your life will be richer for it.

Nestled comfortably at the top of this post is the hilarious and borderline unsettling merger of the Game of Thrones character and the Clinton era movie trailer soundtrack staple “Semi-Charmed Life.” Revamped as a silly-yet-savvy GoT novelty tune, Riben Collective tweaks the tune’s lyrics to be less about crystal meth whooping your ass and more about the misery buffet that Kat Harrington’s HBO alter-ego gorged on over season after season.

As is customary with most Game of Thrones associated fare, there’s liberal amounts of stabbing, throat slitting and (censored in this case) nudity packed into “Game of Thrones Kinda Life” which means NSFW content ahoy! Spoilers abound too, but it’s still a fun watch if you know nothing (about) Jon Snow. Blood-splattered yuks and yucks soundtracked by 3eb? Everyone can enjoy that. Well, aside from those that aren’t the audience for said dollop of stabbing, throat slitting and pay cable naked people.

Elsewhere in Game of Thrones blab, have you checked out the character posters for season six? It’s something to project our hopes and dreams on as we all patiently wait for the show to return on April 24. If we all play our cards right, we could get a Brienne of Tarth tribute set to “In The Background” before season seven.