Jordan Peele Had A Surprising Cameo In ‘Us’


Jordan Peele hasn’t appeared in either of the films he’s directed, Get Out and Us, but that doesn’t mean he’s not in them. It’s not quite a Hitchcock-level cameo, but in Get Out, the Key and Peele star provided the voice of the deer that appears early in the film, an important indicator that Chris is full of empathy (the poor animal had just been struck by a car) and Rose is… not. She was probably thinking about all the cereal she was going to eat later. For Us, Peele voiced another animal, this time a “dying rabbit,” he confessed to Fandango.

Bambi must have really f*cked him up as a kid.

Peele, who told Uproxx that he fears the “weird glazed-over dumbness” of a rabbit, will have a much larger on-screen presence in his next project: a reboot of The Twilight Zone. “I love the ones that, essentially, take someone’s tragic flaw and exploit it,” Peele told the New York Times about his love of the anthology series (he’ll be in the Rod Serling role as the deadpan narrator). “You set up a character and you show their tailor-made worst nightmare.”

“In many ways, it feels like somehow the wires got crossed and we’re in the wrong dimension — this was not supposed to be like this,” Peele said. “It felt like, if Serling were here, he’d have a lot to say and a lot of new episodes he couldn’t have written back in his time.” Via the New York Times

The Twilight Zone premieres on CBS All Access on April 1.

(Via the New York Times)