‘Get Out’ Will Be Free To Watch In Select AMC Theaters On President’s Day

Monkeypaw Productions

Jordan Peele’s horror film/dark comedy/documentary Get Out has been nominated for Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Original Screenplay Oscars, so in honor of its one-year anniversary, Peele is bringing it back to select theaters for free this President’s Day. That’s Monday, February 19th for those who may not know exactly when Donald Trump’s possible favorite holiday lands on the calendar.

Here’s the announcement that seems more like a dastardly mind trick than anything. You had us at “Get Out” and “free” so we don’t need to have our minds ripped from us. We get it. We’ll go (as long as a participating AMC theater is nearby):

If you head to, you can find one of the participating AMC theaters near you. For the most part, like many of these special engagements, the screenings are relegated to big markets since the smaller ones will likely be busy filling seats with the record-setting Black Panther.

For those that are lucky enough to have a theater playing Get Out nearby, make sure you reserve your seats ahead of time, there’s only one showing and it’s at 7pm. Find a friend to watch your dog if you have to. A really great friend who will be there for you through everything.

Monkeypaw Productions