Josh Brolin Doesn’t Regret ‘Jonah Hex,’ Which Makes One Of Us

Before Josh Brolin was wolfing down apple fritters and seeking Infinity Gems, he was Jonah Hex in “the funniest movie of the summer.” You know, that other comic book franchise Josh Brolin was in, before he jumped from DC’s Jonah Hex to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Brolin spoke to Comic Book Resources about the home video release of Hail, Caesar! when the topic turned to Jonah Hex. Brolin doesn’t regret the movie; in fact, he’d do it all over again:

“I would still do Jonah Hex again. I don’t like the way it turned out at all, but I do think that there’s a good movie there. I think my intention was right. You’re never going to be perfect, man. You just do your best.”

This jibes with what Brolin’s said about Hex in the past. He’s said he “hated it,” but if he had an extra $5 million lying around, he’d remake it as a fun, low-budget, self-aware movie. He’s laid blame on the director and the marketing for why the film didn’t work. It probably doesn’t help that they reshot sixty pages of script rewrites in only twelve days.

Don’t expect a do-over any time soon, however. Warner is already trying to play it safer with their Extended Universe, and the 2010 adaptation of Jonah Hex made only $10 million worldwide on a combined production and marketing budget of around $80 million. We still don’t know how they couldn’t recoup their money when they had Megan Fox at peak fame, John Malkovich malkovich-ing all over the place, Michael Fassbender with a face tattoo in the Wild West, and a horse with a motherf*cking Gatling gun:

Gatling Gun Horse is the kind of hero the DC Extended Universe needs now.

(Via Comic Book Resources)