Josh Gad Turns A ‘Book Of Mormon’ Song Into An Ode To Kellyanne Conway’s ‘Bowling Green Massacre’

Josh Gad has been in numerous, let’s say, “spotty” movies (The Wedding Ringer, Pixels, The Angry Birds Movie) and one, let’s also say, bad TV show (1600 Penn). But he will always have his fans, because a) he seems like a generally good person, and b) he was in Frozen and The Book of Mormon. As pointed out by our own Vince Mancini, “Every Josh Gad poster should come accompanied by the tagline, ‘…I heard he was great in Book of Mormon.'” As [slips into important person voice] someone who saw The Book of Mormon when Gad was in the cast, I can verify: He was great in The Book of Mormon.

He’s also really good at changing a song from Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s Tony-winning musical to be about Donald Trump’s alternative facts-spewing advisor Kellyanne Conway. In “Making Things Up Again,” Gad’s character, Arnold, is told he shouldn’t lie, even when “it’s helping a dozen people,” because “when you a fib, there’s a price.” There’s also a passage about Jesus letting Boba Fett turning people into frogs, but that’s besides the point.

After Conway’s “Bowling Green Massacre” interview on Hardball went viral, Twitter user Jeremy Rodden wrote to Gad, “In lieu of yet another #AlternativeFact from Kellyanne Conway, I have begun singing this song. @joshgad, can you make this version happen?” The Beauty and the Beast star responded, “I’ll make you a deal. If this tweet generates 1000 likes by end of day, I will happily record a version of this.” Over 2,000 “likes” later, Gad delivered on his promise. It’s been a good week for famous people responding to current events, although a bad week for, y’know, everything else.

(Via Josh Gad/Twitter)