Josh Trank Gets Serious In This Director’s Commentary For The ‘Fantastic Four’ Teaser

According to recent rumors Josh Trank was maybe, possibly, somewhat less than professional on the Fantastic Four set, but the dude is 100% serious bidness in this director’s commentary for the recently released Fantastic Four teaser. Yes, we’re now doing director’s commentaries for movie teasers, deal with it.

Trank and Fantastic Four writer Simon Kinberg delve into how they wanted the movie to have a serious hard sci-fi feel, feature serious actors and just generally be serious, serious stuff in the commentary. Personally I’ve always felt the Fantastic Four work best with a somewhat lighter tone, but the movie is certainly looking solid thus far, so I can’t argue too strenuously against the Trank’s approach. Personally I can’t wait to see Trank’s serious, real science take on MODOK.