One Of ‘Jumanji’s’ Little Kids Doesn’t Want A Reboot Without Robin Williams Either

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You may have heard that fans of the original Jumanji are opposed to a reboot without Robin Williams. It turns out that one of the original actors, Bradley Pierce — the one who played Kirsten Dunst’s little brother — is not on board either.

Practically, it doesn’t matter what Pierce thinks, since he’s not currently involved in the proposed reboot (and shouldn’t be given the film’s storyline). Still, TMZ’s video team decided to approach him for his answers on the prospects of a reboots and he questions why Sony was unable to get a reboot off the ground when Williams was around:

“At this point it’s a little bit greedy, maybe a little insensitive.”

Pierce also said that he heard that six to eight years ago, Sony had found a producer and director for a reboot, but that they couldn’t get Williams to agree to participate. However, he thinks a sequel would be a good idea. “Kirsten Dunst and I find the game now as adults,” he elaborates. In Pierce’s mind, he and Dunst would have families of their own.

Sounds like a former child actor thirsting for a sequel that will make him relevant a la Fuller House, but a Jumanji movie that didn’t try to replace Robin Williams seems like the least bad option here.

(Via TMZ)