Every Character (And Dinosaur) Becomes Bryce Dallas Howard In ‘Jurassic Park: Heels Edition’

For the most part, Jurassic World was a pretty solid return to form for the series. I mean, any movie that ends in a giant theropod throwdown is alright with me, but I will admit to being among those annoyed that Bryce Dallas Howard wore high heels throughout the entire… damn… movie. Whether trudging through the jungle or running from T-Rexes over slick concrete, those shoes never left her feet. I know ladies have a right to be as fabulous as they want to, but seriously, BDH should have broken her ankles 100 times over in Jurassic World.

Or maybe I’m wrong. Maybe heels are suitable cursed dinosaur island footwear. YouTube funny people XVP Comedy have imagined what it would be like if every character from every Jurassic Park movie (including the dinos) wore high heels, and they’ve spared no sexiness. I mean, if Jeff Goldblum can pull off thigh-high high heeled boots, then why am I complaining about Bryce Dallas Howard’s pumps? Draw the shades and check out the video above, foot freaks.

Now, to whoever’s in charge of Jurassic World 2, let’s build on this thing. I want a kid who bounces everywhere on a Pogo Ball. I want Bryce Dallas Howard to upgrade to rollerblades. I want Chris Pratt to slide in and out of every scene on his socks, Risky Business-style. It’s a brave new world of inappropriate footwear choices.

(Via XVP Comedy)