‘Jurassic World’ As Told By Emojis Is Perfect, And Chris Pratt Approved

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Chris Pratt is having a very good week. A few days after his latest movie, Jurassic World, broke the record for biggest opening weekend of all-time (and Marvel’s Kevin Feige gracefully conceded his Avengers record), the former Parks and Recreation star signed on to star opposite Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers. Success hasn’t gone to his head, though. He’s still as down-to-Earth as ever, evidenced by his conversation with the Nerdist podcast about how he’s been dealing with fame.

He’s also not ashamed to admit that the plot of Jurassic World can essentially be reduced to a few emojis. He’s not wrong about this being “amazing,”either, as it basically nails the entire plot. Given how accurate the plot description is in these emojis, I should probably also offer a spoiler warning:

My only criticism? The Chris Pratt emoji looks more like Ron Swanson. Which, come to think of it, wouldn’t have been a bad movie, either. I suspect Swanson, however, would not have let all those dead dinosaurs go to waste. He’d have butchered them for meat and had breakfast for at least a week.

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