‘Jurassic World’ Debuts New Images And A Snarky New Viral Site

Jurassic World‘s plot hinges on the greed of a large corporation blinding it to the idea that penning up dinosaurs and getting rubes to gawk at them isn’t a great idea. And somebody in the movie’s marketing department is having a lot of fun with it, if the new viral site for Masrani Global is any indication.

Honestly, as somebody who’s written copy like this, it’s a spot-on parody of meaningless corporate buzzwords and double-speak, from the “definitions” to the mindless hype setting up the movie’s goofy plot:

“You can’t expect the world’s greatest theme park to merely rely on the same attractions. We need to be proactive, thinking of bigger and better things. Isla Nublar only peaks in attendance during the American holiday season. Why? Proximity. The world has seen what we have to offer, but they aren’t in awe as they once used to be. We need to change that. We have a chance to over the upcoming few years.”

And, of course, the site has a whole bunch of images, as collected by SlashFilm, including Irrfan Khan and B.D. Wong in character as Simon Masrani and Dr. Henry Wu, respectively:

And of course a few shots of how baby dinosaurs are made:

It also tells us that something tied to the movie, likely the trailer, will be debuting at next week, November 26th, at 9pm. So, if you’re trapped somewhere with nothing to do, a few minutes of joy will be yours.