‘Jurassic World’ Drops Another Big Plot Hint In Tweet Form

Hey, remember when the fat guy from Seinfeld got disemboweled by a dinosaur in a movie sold as family entertainment? That’s why the ’90s were awesome. And apparently, we’ll be going back in Jurassic World.

From, who else, director Colin Trevorrow, and spotted by The Hollywood Reporter, a new tweet from the set is pretty evocative in of itself.

Yeah, that’ll fit right in with the creepy amusement park they’re shooting in. The sign, of course, is what Nedry sees as he’s trying to get to the docks with the dinosaur embryos, only to meet a nice dinosaur. Jurassic World does take place on Isla Nublar, so we’re guessing either the movie picks up on the island at some point before the actual plot kicks in, or perhaps at some point we get to visit the old park and see what wild dinosaurs have done with the place.

Although to be fair, we’re only assuming he was killed in the movie. The way that jeep was rocking, Dennis might have just… wanted to be alone for a while after what happened to him.